Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indoor Bocce

After I read Kristina's post about not being able to play Bocce due to bad weather, I knew I had to share how we play Indoor Bocce.
Above: Our makeshift (and indoor friendly) Bocce set. 

To make your own - gather a pair of socks for each person that will be playing and an extra pair (I've found that baby socks work perfect for this) to use as your "pallino"/target ball.  Seperate the socks and turn each inside of itself to form a ball.

We have our own version and rules for how we play (which most resembles open bocce) - but the closest "ball"/sock to the pallino still wins, and the winner chooses how we must all throw our socks during the next round.

For example - after my daughter won she opted to have us all attempt to "football hike" our socks while still getting within range of the pallino.

We even attempt to do our best "pro" impersonations (see the video above for some serious bocce) and always have so much fun playing this inside when it's raining (and even when it's sunny).

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  1. Thanks for this post, it's going to be so much fun doing this at home with my kids. And I learned what the target ball is called!
    -- Kevin


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