Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Playtime- Water Bottle Water Fountain

I love love love this tutorial at Origami Mama for water bottle water fountains. They are PERFECT for summer!

I also think they are a fabulous bath toy for little ones... so when my little cutie and I found ourselves alone this morning (my son was at playgroup), we decided to try it out. 

Materials Needed: colored tape (we only had three colors... I love the vibrant colors on this one, so when we try it out with my preschooler later this week, we'll grab some other colors of tape), water bottle (or in my case, a diet coke bottle), and a pin, nail or needle (to make holes).

1. Decorate the bottle with tape. Our little Cate seems to love stripes and contrasting colors, so we made ours stripey. Origami Mama also did some sailboat tape pictures on one of her bottles... which could be fun to try with older kiddos as well! I'm sure there are all sorts of tape pictures that would be fun to make.


2. Make holes in the sides of the bottle with a nail, pin, or needle. We used a needle... it worked great and was fast and easy. Look carefully in the picture below... can you even see the needle? :)

3. Fill up the bathtub for some playtime!

4. Fill the water bottle full of water. Let the baby shake it, grab it, chew on it (a favorite at our house), and then you (or they) can squeeze the bottle and water will start coming out the little holes and spraying everywhere!

She loved it! She's still at the stage where water getting on her face doesn't bother her. She kept staring at the bottle as if she was trying to figure out where the water came from.

We sang our favorite water songs and splashed in the bathtub for awhile. Her current favorite is "Itsy Bitsy Spider"... which is especially fun to sing while spraying her with water bottle fountain (right when we sing "down came the rain and washed the spider out!").

I have a feel my preschooler will love this just as much as the baby (if not more)... so we will be trying it again later this week!

Do you have any other favorite baby playtime water activities that you love to do?

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