Friday, April 1, 2011

West Coast Autism Awareness Freezer Paper Stenciling

In honor of World Autism Day, we created some freezer paper stenciled shirts here on the West Coast :) EJ will post her East Coast version later this weekend (right now she's in the throes of moving! Hooray! :)).

EJ is the freezer paper expert, so go here to read all of her freezer paper stenciling tips. We used fabric paint (permanent) instead of spray paint... and we did sponge painting instead of regular painting... the rest was the same as what EJ has done in the past.

We printed off our image and then traced it on the matte side of the freezer paper.

Then we cut out our image (this was the hard part). We used both images to make our stencils.

Next we ironed the images onto the shirts/onesies.

Then we sponge painted!! We did sponge painting because it is the best medium for my son. Easy, doesn't require specific rules to be followed, and it always turns out great!

Lastly, we let it dry for several hours and then we sealed the finish by ironing over the paint (with a towel between the iron and the paint).

We're ready to spread awareness here on the West Coast now!

Have you taken the light it up pledge yet? How are you spreading autism awareness this weekend/month?

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