Monday, April 18, 2011

Tape Chick

My craft closets are becoming safety hazards because there is so much stuff in them! I started sorting through them and love to see what random things I find. This morning I found my stash of colored electrical tape. I love the stuff and don't use it nearly enough (maybe because I can't find anything in my craft closet? :)). 

We hosted playgroup this morning, so I came up with a little chick project on the fly... and then my little guy and I tweaked it after everyone left to see what we would do differently next time. Below is the final product. Tape, foam & paper circles, googly eyes, and marshmallow eggs = a fun little activity.

Materials Needed: Circles out of varied yellow materials (one big one, one smaller one- we used foam and paper), Elmers glue, orange foam for beak, googly eyes, brown pipe cleaners for legs, green & yellow electrical tape, marshmallows for eggs (big marshmallows would've been better, but mini ones worked ok).

1. Glue on both circles (head and body).

2. Add googly eyes and a mouth. This is where our little 18 month old buddy lost interest.

3. Glue pipe cleaners legs on.

4. Cut strips of electrical tape for the grass and stick them on.

My husband told me that the grass needed to be shorter and thinner... so we cut the electrical tape pieces down a bit later in the project. :)

5. Cut strips of yellow electrical tape to add some texture to the chick :)

6. Add your little marshmallow eggs in the grass with some glue.

Read your favorite book about chicks while your picture dries! There are a few fun chick book suggestions here. Do you have a favorite one?

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