Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You- Counting Baby Book

After seeing this adorable baby board book made on No Time for Flashcards... I looked around out house to see what we had on hand to make our own baby photo book. I wanted to make a counting book that included family photos and was bunny themed... so this is what we came up with. I also wanted this to be a collaborative project with my son. It was so fun to make a project together for our favorite little baby girl

Materials Needed: an empty baby photo book (soft and covered in plastic)... or a mini photo album (like we used in this activity), scrapbook paper, several favorite family photos, scissors, glue, double stick tape, blank bunny coloring sheet, dot markers, typed words for book, Sharpie.

1. Use dot markers to paint your bunny coloring sheet.

2. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the photo album pages (ours was about 5 x 3.5). We had 5 pages.

3. Trim your photos to fit the scrapbook paper.

4. Cut out the bunnies (we needed 15 total)

5. Count the bunnies!

6. Have your child glue a picture on each piece of scrapbook paper... or tape the photo on.

7. Glue bunnies on each photo page. Our first page had 1 bunny, second page had 2 bunnies, third page had 3 bunnies, etc.

We practiced counting the bunnies, talking about "what comes next" and "what number comes after ___...," making piles of each number as we counted them, and then gluing that number of bunnies on each page.

8. Glue the words to the story in long strips at the bottom of each page. Our story read, "One bunny loves you. Two bunnies love you. Three bunnies love you. Four bunnies love you. Five bunnies love you. But this bunny loves you the most!" The book ends with a picture of my son together with his little sister.

9. Create a title page. We put a picture of my little cutie with her stuffed bunny and then added the title- Some Bunny Loves You!

10. Slip each sheet inside the plastic covered pages of the baby book.

Start reading... or chewing, whatever you prefer! :)

My little cutie loved her little book (mostly grabbing and chewing it), but also loved squealing when she saw pictures of many of her favorite people.

Her little brother was very excited to help with the book and be featured in it. I am excited that we'll be able to use this book in many ways as my daughter continues to grow. I love that we can practice counting the little bunnies AND talk about our family members at the same time! I also love that my son can read this book to his little sister!

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