Friday, April 8, 2011

Sealing Your Egg Shakers

We loved Kristina's Mystery Egg Shakers activity, and thought it would be fun to keep some of the rice filled ones permanently in our collection of instruments.  After gluing and sealing the egg shut with tape - I still wasn't convinced that this would keep the eggs from splitting open when dropped (or thrown). 

We decided to cover the eggs with strips of fabric . . .

and seal everything with a "thick" coat of Mod Podge (ok, maybe you won't need to do that thick of a coat). 

Our "shaky eggs" are much more sturdy, and turned out cuter than I expected.

We like shakin' our eggs to Laurie Berkner's, "I Know a Chicken" song (the first song played in the video above) as well as her "Popcorn Calling Me" song.

Two other fun and shaky songs are Shake Your Sillies Out and the Popcorn song by the Barenaked Ladies.

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