Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Twist on Chocolate Bunnies

I love love love these cute chocolate bunnies from Martha Stewart. We did our own twist on them this morning... with a little creativity from my 3 yr old. 

We made a whole bunch of them to give out to the girls I teach at church with this scripture attached to the back. I think these would be perfect to make for a child's class or a group of little friends. They were pretty quick to make! Each was different. That being said, we made 9... making 20 might be taxing for your little fingerprint helper and bow sticker. :)

Materials Needed: white paper (not cardstock), scissors, chocolate bars, double sided tape, some scrapbook paper scraps, foam hearts/scraps, paint (we used blue, white, and red), and a black marker.

1. Cut 8 1/2 X 11 white paper in half to cover 2 chocolate bars (I got the six packs of Hersheys)

2. Wrap it using double sided tape.

I folded down the ends like I was wrapping a present and used regular tape on the ends.

It is easier to wrap all your bars first so that you can stamp all the eyes at the same time... and then all the noses at the same time.

3. Mix up your paint and stamp the eyes and noses using your finger.


My little guy got better at stamping as he went... his first set of eyes were almost off the page (but that just made it cuter!).

4. Draw in whiskers and a mouth with a black marker. Once the paint dries you can also add pupils to the eyes.

5. We did the next few steps differently each time, but while everything dried we cut out ears from white paper and bow ties from scrapbook paper scraps. I cut, my son stuck things on!

Sometimes we added the bows first... sometimes we added the ears. In the center of the bow tie we stuck foam hearts or foam scraps on with double sided tape.


You can draw the pupils in and stop there... 

or paint some parts of the ears pink like we did (my little painter wasn't ready to be done yet)...


If you have a sneaky kid like mine, watch out! 
This baby was ripped open and stuff in his mouth super quick!

I think our friends are going to love this Easter treat... especially because my little guy helped make it for them!!

Do you give any special treats out to friends for Easter?


  1. Awesome craft -- I love how you all did it together. Too late for us this year - but I am going to do this next year. And I love that you didn't have to make a food product -- just wrap an existing candy bar. That is perfect for Moms like me who are crafty, but not good at cooking or baking. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Thanks for your idea. I used it to make wrapped juice boxes for our Easter egg hunt brunch!

  3. Great idea! I think we will make these as a gift from my daughter to family members. She'll enjoy handing them out I think as much as getting her Easter basket on Sunday!


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