Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Egg Carton ABCs

This activity is an oldie but goodie, so if you haven't tried it out before- DO IT! :) It focuses on alphabet recognition (lower case/ upper case), matching, and letter sounds.

Materials Needed: plastic eggs (we used 10 bc my egg carton was broken, typically I'd use 12), recycled egg carton, alphabet stickers.


1. Cover the plastic eggs with alphabet stickers. Stick to one letter per egg. We did an uppercase and lowercase letter on each egg.

2. Stick alphabet stickers at the bottom of each egg carton hole.

3. Start matching!

We talked about the alphabet letter names, sounds, and words that started with each letter while we matched.

I wish there was an amazing Alphabet Easter picture book that I could share with you to go along with this activity... but wouldn't it be more fun to make one? That's my next idea... which hopefully will happen before Easter. We'll see...

An Easter ABCs I-Spy bottle could be fun to try too... kinda like this one?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I go in waves when it comes to motivation to try cute things :) Some weeks I have none. This week we'll be posting several Spring/Easter themed activities.


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