Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cracked Egg Number & Shape Puzzles

We did a simple little puzzle activity this morning using numbers and shapes. 

Skills we focused on were...

- using a number line
- counting up
- understanding the concept of "what number comes next"
- learning/reviewing shape vocabulary words (hard ones we put in were trapezoid and hexagon) 
- matching colors
- putting puzzle pieces together (problem solving)

Mostly we just had fun though :) 

Materials Needed: colored paper, black marker, scissors

(Number egg version)
1. Draw ovals on 10 pieces of paper

2. Write one number at the top of the egg and the number that "comes next" on the bottom of the egg. We did numbers 1-10.

3. Cut out the eggs and make them look broken. Try and vary the eggs so that they aren't all the same and easily matched to the wrong color.

(Shapes version)
4. Turn them over and draw a variety of shapes on the back. We just matched shapes, so draw one shape on the top and the same shape on the bottom.

5. Make a simple number line on white paper. Count up to 10 (or whatever you want to count to) and introduce/review the concept of "what number comes next."

6. Choose one egg top and talk about what number comes next. Use the timeline (or don't)... and look for the match!

7. Once all the numbers are matched, flip them over and scramble the eggs up.

8. Match the shapes next!

Once you're done, scramble them up and try again! :)

{Hunt Version}

You can also hide the egg pieces around your house and go on HUNT! Once you find the pieces, match them!

We'll probably make another version with lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters and a different version matching larger numbers (10-20).

For elementary aged kids these would be so fun to have them make their own using number sentences!

Single digit number sentence (1+1) on the top of the egg, and the answer (2) at the bottom (or harder depending on the age of the kids). Either working with a partner or alone, this activity would be so fun! Once they are done creating their own set, they could swap them with a partner.

I wish I was still working with my first, second, and third graders! They would've loved this! Anything that made math a little more fun was always up their alley.

Love egg activities? Here are a few other ones to try?


  1. Fun idea! My oldest loves puzzles and numbers so this activity will perfect for him.


  2. I love this. My preschooler is getting into math and simple addition right now, so I think I'm going to create a batch for adding.


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