Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cotton Swab Painted Bunnies

I love it when a project I plan turns out better than expected... 
This group of munchkins was so engaged that I could barely get them to look up for a picture. Success! Of course my own son was off running around outside... the only one not interested :)

Materials Needed: Peep bunting pattern (from, cotton swabs, paper plate palate, acrylic paint, pom poms, Elmers glue, stickers, green and white cardstock, and scissors.

1. Print off the peeps bunting pattern onto cardstock.

2. Put paint on your palate and use cotton swabs to paint your bunny. Originally I planned for the kids to do polka dot bunnies... but they wanted to do something different, so we went with it.

Here was my sample

3. Use glue and add a pom pom tail (and any other details). I added eyes and a mouth.  

4. Cut a piece of green paper and then make little slits in the ends to make the grass. Having the kids make these slits is great scissor skills practice. Our facility for our little class doesn't have enough kid scissors, so I had to prep the grass paper ahead of time.  

5. Glue the grass to the bottom of the paper.

Here are bunny samples from my little artists

I liked their painting and bunny tail placement better than mine! 

We stuck stickers at the bottom as little egg surprises in the grass :)
These kids LOVE stickers!

I loved all the color mixing they did.

My son finally got interested in the project for a few minutes once he realized he was the only kid still playing outside...but mostly he just wanted to add a bunny tail and get off running again :)

One little boy loved his bunny so much that once we was done and his paper was drying, we tried to send him off to play, but he said, "I just want to sit and look at my bunny." 

To add more pop to the project I would probably cut out the bunnies next time and mount them on a different color of cardstock (just for displaying purposes). 

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