Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ABC Egg Hunt

We have more plastic Easter eggs than we can handle around our house right now (all leftover from last year), so we are constantly trying to find ways to use them.

My son loves Easter egg hunts, so we practiced matching lowercase and uppercase letters with this activity.

Materials Needed: Sharpie, 26 plastic eggs, large drawing paper

1. Write an alphabet letter on each plastic egg. Uppercase letter on one half, lowercase letter on the other half.

2. Write the alphabet on a large piece of drawing paper. I totally forgot letter S and my son said, "there's something missing." He sang the ABC song while I wrote.

Add the lowercase letters next

3. Practice matching the egg halves to the letters on the paper

4. Separate all the eggs

5. Scatter them everywhere! (you can obviously hide them better... we tend to hide them and then I forget where they are, so I figured I'd make them easy and visible for my son)

6. Put your ABC paper helper close by

7. Start hunting and matching!! Once you have a match, stick the pieces together and then put them in a basket.

We had one proud egg matcher at our house! This activity took half the morning. We weren't in any rush to find them all at one time.

We practiced saying the letter names, sounds, and words that started with the letters while we hunted.

All done and ready to be scattered again!

This would definitely be more fun with a group, but we worked together and my son loved that we were being a team and helping each other! 

For younger kids you could just skip the ABCs and draw shapes or just have them match the colors together!


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