Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Shape & Texture Matching

We read Matthew Van Fleet's book, Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, this week and were inspired to make our own Spring shape/texture activity.

We love all of Matthew Van Fleet's books because they are such great sensory experiences! We just bought this duckling book recently and my little guy wants to read it several times a day.

Materials Needed: Spring shape templates, Spring shape pieces, several textured items (we used sponges, foil, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic wrap, foam, ribbon, felt, etc.), scissors, cardstock (6 sheets)- ignore the glue in my pictures... we didn't end up using it.

1. Print out the templates and shape pieces onto pieces of cardstock.

2. Cut out the matching shape pieces (colored) and put them somewhere that is easily accessible.

3. Collect several textures items.

4. Use the colored shapes as tracers and trace the shapes onto the different textured items.

5. Start matching! We started off by matching the shapes...

and then we moved to matching the textured shapes.

As we matched the textured shapes, we talked about what the textures reminded us of...
My thought was to make a texture book like this at some point (so incredible)... but with more descriptive text and more detailed pictures.

Our list... can you tell I never write any more? Sloppy handwriting!

As we completed each page we would spend some time talking about the pictures, shapes, and textures and then re-read the book and talk about the textures, animals, and shapes in Van Fleet's book.

This activity was a hit. We did it several times last night and again today.

If you laminate the shapes and templates they will last even longer and be sturdier. Ours made it through this afternoon... and now we might need to reprint them :)

At some point I'll get these templates online, but in the meantime, email me if you want to try them out:

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  1. This is fun! My littlest is really into textures. We don't have any books by this author. Thanks for the reco!


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