Friday, March 18, 2011

Paper Plate Rainbow Shakers

We had a St. Patrick's Day party yesterday and my friend taught the little kids how to make these rainbow shakers. I thought they were cute and the kids loved running around with them, so I thought I would share them with you... and document them to use next year (or for a different holiday).

Materials Needed: scissors, paper plates with centers cut out, strips of colored streamers (rainbow colors), stickers, glue or tape.

Prep ahead- cut streamers into thin strips (each child needs one strip of each color), cut centers out of the paper plates

1. Pass out a set of materials to each kid (6-7 colored strips, glue, paper plate)

2. Put glue on one side of the plate.

3. Stick streamers on in a rainbow pattern with glue (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)

4. Let the glue dry.

5. Add some holiday stickers to the paper plate.

6. Run around with the rainbow shaker.

Other favorite rainbow activities we've see lately are...

Eco-friendly Mosaic Rainbows from Fun in the Making

Rainbow Wind Catchers from A Pretty Cool Life

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On a different note, I am adding this Red Cross button to our blog sidebar. I know there are many ways you are choosing to help the survivors of the disaster in Japan. This is one of many. I don't think it matters how you help, just that you find your own way to do it- whether you're doing a blog auction, sending a donation, or praying for the survivors and their families. I'm sure those who are suffering in Japan right now appreciate all of our efforts.

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

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  1. We've done similar projects in the past - this one is truly an oldie but goodie! ALWAYS a huge hit with the five and under crowd! Thanks for bringing this one back to mind. We might do it for 4th of july and call them fireworks!


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