Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paint Kissed Shamrock

In addition to loving rainbows this week, we're loving marshmallows. My little guys keeps asking to do projects with them. I loved this Marshmallow Shamrock at No Time for Flashcards, so we took the marshmallow idea and ran with it.

Materials Needed: paper plate, shamrock stencil, marker, scissors, Elmers glue, marshmallows, green dot paint marker


1. Trace your shamrock stencil (or cookie cutter, like we used :)) onto a paper plate.

(Mine wasn't great, but when I cut it out I was able to fix it a bit)

2. Cut it out.

3. Add some Elmers glue.

4. Stick the marshmallows onto the shamrock. We made sure to have a discussion about how we DON'T eat the marshmallows with glue on them :)

5. Kiss your marshmallows with paint! My little guy loved this. Every time he touched the marshmallows he would make kissing sounds. Kissing is different than painting for him because when he regularly paints with the dot markers he pounds them. By telling him to "kiss" the marshmallows he was much more gentle and just tapped them lightly enough to get some paint on them.

Display your shamrock and go on a shamrock (clover) hunt in your yard!

PS- Are you hosting a St. Patrick's Day party in your classroom or with your kids? We are and I am in charge of food. Any great ideas? Last year my shamrock shaped rice crispy treats bombed (I couldn't get them out of the cookie cutters)... as did my too thin green shamrock jello jigglers. I guess I can't do any worse this year, right?

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