Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness - Getting Your Toddler Involved

Filling out brackets for "March Madness" (NCAA Men's Basketball DI Tournament) has always been a tradition in my family - we all participated, even as toddlers.  I can remember my youngest sister (who was 3 at the time) making her picks based on her favorite movie, Cinderella - she picked "Prince"ton and "Duke" to be in the finals that year. 

My mom would get small prizes for whoever scored the best each round (a new pair of basketball socks, some chocolate basketball candy, a mini basketball hoop).

If any of you (or your spouses) will be watching a lot of college basketball during the next few days - having your child help you fill out a bracket is a fun way to get them involved and keep them semi-interested.  It's also fun hearing them say team names like, "Gonzaga, Villanova and Vanderbilt". 

I'm planning on incorporating a basketball theme into our daily activities during the tournament.   

Today we read Slam Dunk by David Diehl.  My son (age 2) LOVES any book by David Diehl.  The graphics are simple and feature one or two words on each page.  More importantly, Diehl's books feature two of my sons favorite things, sports and vehicles.  They have been great for increasing his vocabulary.   

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