Monday, March 28, 2011

Light it up Blue

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April we are going to "Light It Up Blue" here on Toddler Approved. We'd love you to join with us as we shine a light on Autism Spectrum Disorders this month.

(On the evenings of April 1 and 2, 2011, prominent buildings across North America and the world — including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada — will turn their lights blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, April 2.)

We'll be doing some blue themed activities and crafts, sharing several of our favorite children's books about Autism Spectrum Disorders, and having a guest post or two.

You can participate by joining the link up we'll be hosting on Friday and share how you are lighting it up blue or raising awareness for Autism. You can also wear blue, sign a pledge to support here, and spread the word about Light it Up Blue via your blog, Facebook, or emails to friends/family.

Our lives have been blessed as we have worked and learned from many children with autism in our classrooms, homes, and churches. We have seen the struggles and joys experienced by the families of these special children and know that every person in their lives and the lives of their families can make a difference- those who teach, accommodate, listen, support, serve, or just lend a voice.

Let's lend a voice together this month (and always) to shine a light on autism.


  1. We will also be Lighting It Up Blue, we have our cellophane all ready :-D Looking forward to seeing your activities and posts.

  2. That is beautiful. Thank you for the information.


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