Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss Book Cover bowling

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! We love Dr. Seuss books and enjoy finding active and creative ways to have book-inspired fun at our house.

In an attempt to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday AND keep my bowling obsessed son active today, we came up with our own game- Dr. Seuss Book Cover bowling :)

Materials Needed:
- print outs of some of your favorite Dr. Seuss books (we just searched on google images, shrunk the images in a word doc, and printed them out)
- tape
- paper cups
- bowling ball

My son practiced his bowling techniques and hovered around eagerly while I taped the book covers to the cups. I haven't seen him this excited about one of our activities in awhile.

Then we set them up in official bowling formation and started playing! We are serious bowlers over here and everything has to be "just right" before we can start. ;)

Not quite sure how I got designated as the official bowling pin re-setter, but that was my job today. We had a blast!

We also had a good time talking about the different Dr. Seuss books while we were taping the covers on the paper cups. My little guy liked telling me who his favorite characters were.

P.S.- Anyone know of any good bowling themed children's books?

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  1. You are so very inventive! I super love all your posts!

  2. We were just bowling the other day too! Didn't make my pins as cute though!

    1. Everything at our house has been turned into a bowling alley... I think we play at least once a day. Not my favorite game :) But my little guy LOVES it

  3. This is adorable Kristina! Just shared in onto our Gross Motor Pinterest Board. Thank you so much for putting this Virtual Book Club together for all of us, you can tell we're loving it!


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