Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Truck!

Monday is garbage day in our neighborhood. We also have playgroup on Mondays... which means we inevitably spend some time on the sidewalk waving at the garbage man.

This week we are going to make trash trucks-o-love. :) Below is my basic outline. I'm sure the kids will come up with even more creative ideas. I'll post their pictures later tomorrow.

Materials Needed:

- colored cardstock
- pom poms
- heart stickers
- scissors
- googly eyes
- glue
- truck pattern


1. Trace truck pattern onto cardstock
2. Cut out truck pieces.
3. Glue them onto paper.
4. Add heart sticker wheels.
5. Glue hearts, pom poms, and googly eyes onto truck.

Watch out! The Trash Truck-o-Love is coming your way!!

Language Building Activities:

- Name the trash truck (it has eyes, so it can come alive)
- Have kids act out a story about their trash truck
- Talk about all the different shapes, colors, and textures included on your trash truck
- Read Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman- one of our favorite books
- Go outside and watch for the garbage man- practice basic greetings and statements! (Hello! Good morning! How are you? Thank you!)
- Build trash trucks out of boxes or legos and talk about the basic components needed (wheels, seat, driver, garbage cans, etc.)

This idea was inspired by the Valentine Dump Truck by No Time For Flashcards

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  1. What a super idea!! My little one loves watching the garbage pickup. So, this would be a fun craft. Thanks for the book recommendation too! Kerri


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