Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm crabby when you're not around!

We made some Valentines for a few friends today. Since we've spent the week at the beach, we thought crab themed Valentines were a perfect fit.

Materials Needed:

- googly eyes (yes we are obsessed with these right now)
- foam heart
- scrap pieces of foam
- pipe cleaners
- scissors
- glue
- large heart stickers
- mouth stickers (or markers to draw a mouth/other details)


1. Glue googly eyes all over your crab's body (big heart)... or just use two if you want it to look realistic.

2. Add a mouth

3. Cut some foam pieces to make claws and glue the foam pieces to the body

4. Add 6 holes to the body using scissors

5. Cut up pipe cleaners into 6 small pieces

6. Stick the pipe cleaner pieces through each hole

7. Twist the end of each pipe cleaner around the hole to secure it

8. Let it dry

9. Add one final set of claws at the point of heart

10. Use large heart stickers for the front claws

Add your message and your Valentine is complete!

Ours was, "I'm crabby when you're not around. Will you be my Valentine?"

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