Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Band-aid Man

I think this would make an adorable valentine... and since I didn't snap a photo of our band-aid art project, this is what you get as a picture for this post.

Today at the children's museum we made band-aid people. I love the idea of using band-aids in different ways to create art. Here's what we used and what we did:

Materials Needed:

- band-aids (all shapes and sizes)
- markers
- body stamps (head, torso, neck... whatever)
- cardstock/white or colored paper


1. Use stamps to create a basic body shape (head, torso... or however you want to do it) on your paper.

2. Start sticking band-aids on for arms, legs, clothes... whatever you want. There is no right or wrong way! You could even just skip the stamps and make your whole person out of band-aids... like this...

(Image found here)

3. Decorate the band-aid arms, legs, head, torso with markers and add lots of detail. Add hair and anything else you think your band-aid man needs.

Simple, easy, fun... and perfect because you already have all of these materials at your house!

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