Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you kind yet?

(Kindness tracking sheet that some of our guests proudly brought to our party today)

Did everyone in your house or classroom magically transform into kinder people this month?

I WISH! :) But we definitely had more episodes of kindness in our house... We definitely did not reach perfection, but we at least tried a little harder... and that's what is important, right?

We had our little Kindness Valentine's Day celebration tonight with three other families and we partied hard until everyone wasn't so kind any more and the tantrums started :)

We made heart-shaped pizzas (Boboli pre-made mini crusts cut into heart shapes and decorated by the kids)

Did a Heart Walk (Valentine's Day themed candy walk)... while playing awesome V-day music- Love Shack, Stop in the Name of Love, and Kiss the Girl. My son has been singing Stop in the Name of Love all evening. This is a great game if you want the kids to go right to sleep after the party. They were exhausted from all the running around!

Played Hug-Hug-Kiss (Duck duck goose)- the designated "it" kid walked around the circle of kids sitting down holding a V-day turtle stuffed animal and said, "hug" or "kiss" when they touched their friends with the turtle. We needed more running space to make the game successful... but there was a revolt when I suggested stopping the game to eat brownies, so I guess they liked it?

We ended the night eating heart-shaped brownies (kind of like these cakes I made yesterday, but they were brownies instead of yellow cake).

Definitely my sort of celebration!

I had several other creative ideas involving a love potion #9 drink, pin the arrow on cupid, and a heart scavenger hunt, but there just wasn't enough time this week to get on the ball and prep stuff. Fortunately the kids would've just been happy with a few pieces of candy, so our simple party plan was perfect.

If you still need to work on being more kind... check out the Extreme Kindness Challenge here. Feb 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week.

If you hosted a Kindness celebration this week, share your links so we can check out what you did.

Thanks for joining us for this year's 100 Acts of Kindness Project!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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