Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mitten letter sorting

Goal: Recognize the alphabet letters b and l, distinguish the differences between the two letters, and sort them into two groups.

Materials Needed:
- foam mitten (I used foam stickers, but didn't pull of the sticky back)
- labels (I wanted to reuse my mittens, so I didn't write directly on them)
- black marker
- 3 bowls

1. Label each mitten with a letter b or an l. To make this more difficult, use words (instead of letters) that start with b or l.

2. Label a bowl for each group ( letter l and b)

3. Give the child a bowl of mittens and demonstrate how to look at each letter, say its name (we also said the sound and key word), and then put it in the appropriate bowl.

This is such a simple activity, but we love sorting activities that can be turned into independent tasks!! We did this one yesterday and my son has wanted to do mitten letter sorting all morning ALL BY HIMSELF! We'll keep adding more alphabet letters as we learn them and make this task a little harder. While we sorted, we also brainstormed others words that started with the letters b and l.

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