Wednesday, January 12, 2011

letter b hunt and memory practice game

Yesterday afternoon we went on a hunt around our house looking for objects that started with the letter b.

Next we put them on some large white drawing paper and I wrote each object's name.

We practiced "reading" each word and finding the letter b at the beginning of each word.

Then for the memory activity, I look all the objects off the paper and waited a few minutes while chatting with my little guy about a few other things.

Then I gave him the objects and he had to try and remember where they went on the paper (since he can't read). Once he had done that task pretty well, I closed the pad of paper, hid the objects around the room, and had him try and tell me what all 5 letter b objects were. After he told me all of the objects, we hunted around the room, found the objects... and hid them again. Hiding activities could go on ALL day at our house... my son loves them so much!

This activity reminded me of the party game we used to play with 10+ objects on a tray, you look at them for a few minutes, then they get hidden, and you try and write down/name all the objects that were on the tray. Such a fun activity to do with preschoolers too!

With older kids I would add more objects that start with the letter b and see how many they can remember. I love any exercise that helps kids practice remembering things they see or hear. Strengthening auditory and visual memory helps set kids up for success later in life when they are in school or in social settings.

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