Sunday, January 9, 2011

l is for lamp and football lamps that is!

My little guy's room is sports themed and we just got him a baseball night light, so when we started learning the letter l this week, he decided that he wanted to do a sports themed lamp as part of his letter l project.

Starting this week I will be introducing my son to a few alphabet letters each week. We'll talk about the letter name, a key word that goes with each letter, and the letter sound. We will do projects, activities, and games related to those letters during the week... and as he learns more letters, I will start introducing words that include those letters. For example, this week we will learn letters l, b, and h. Next week we'll do k, t, and short a vowel pattern. Once we've learned those letters and a vowel pattern, we can start talking about simple words like hat and bat. We'll review a lot and see how things go.

The strategies I will be using with my little guy are based on an Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory program I used with my students (with some modifications/changes). My son seems to like it so far because it involves his whole body. We'll see how long it lasts :)

Here's our "l is for lamp" project!

Materials Needed:
- colored foam sheets
- scissors
- markers
- glue
- cardstock


1. Cut out a foam sheet in the shape of a lower case l

2. Model drawing the letter l on the foam l and then have your little one trace the letter l or draw their own letter l with a marker.

3. Glue the foam l to a piece of colored paper.

4. Press it down and make sure it sticks to the paper!

5. Prep ahead (or as you go... if you don't have time)- Cut out a piece of foam in a lamp shade shape. Cut little red pieces of foam for the baseball stitching. Draw on the lampshade with marker where the stitching could go.

6. Take a field trip around your house to find all the lamps. Say the letter name, key word, and letter sound when you get to each lamp. (l, lamp, /l/)

7. Glue the lamp shade onto the l-shaped lamp.

8. Add the baseball stitching.

9. Say the letter name, key word, and letter sound again (l, lamp, /l/) and celebrate what a great job you did learning the letter l!

My son didn't want to be done... so I quickly cut out some more materials for a football themed lamp and he made this one with his dad. He was the teacher while I sat and fed our little baby. I loved it when he told his dad that they needed to stop what they were doing and go check out all the lamps around the house.

He loved his letter l sports lamps! We'll hang these up somewhere in our kitchen so that we can use them during the rest of this week whenever we review the letter l.

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