Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Kindness Project is spreading!!!

We are so excited that our 100 Acts of Kindness Project keeps spreading!

It is not too late to participate!

Just check out the info page here to sign up!

Here's a recap of our project (inspired by Read Write Think's 100 Acts of Kindness Project that I used to do with my elementary school students):

1. Commit to performing 100 Acts of Kindness between now and Feb 14th. Comment here to let us know you are joining with us!

2. Come up with a way to record each act of kindness (sticky note on chart, tally mark on a heart, crossed x on a calendar... whatever works for you and your family/students).

3. Participate in each weekly Kindness Challenge that we post.
This week's challenge: Cut out 10 hearts and give them to 10 people.

4. Join us in celebrating your success with a kindness celebration on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

We have participants who are teachers, stay at home moms, former teachers, grandparents, students, and some whole families! We are so glad that you are sharing our challenge with your friends and colleagues... and we're excited to hear how you are tracking your 100 Acts of Kindness and how you are accomplishing this week's kindness challenge!

We were excited to see our Kindness Project shared today at Living Montessori Now. Thanks Deb!

Living Montessori Now

I also LOVED this variation on our Kindness challenge Heart ball art project sent to us from the Harding House. Little M used a diaper wipe container and pasta noodles to create her art and it turned out fabulous! Thanks for letting us share your great idea. M is adorable! :)

Email any fun ideas or photos you'd like to share to or blog about them and send us a link... we would LOVE to see what you are up to!


  1. I'm loving this! Thanks so much for linking to my blog! My family is having a wonderful time with a long-distance 100 Acts of Kindness Project ... I'm participating from Colorado Springs and my kids and kids-in-law are participating from San Diego. Then we talk on Skype, and I record our acts of kindness on the chart I printed out from Read Write Think! It's a lot of fun - and a great way to keep the focus on helping others!
    Deb @

  2. So glad you are having such a great time doing this with your kids!! I love how you are making it work long distance!


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