Monday, January 17, 2011

Kindness Challenge #1

This month we are doing a 100 Acts of Kindness Project. Each week we will have a new kindness challenge. January is sometimes a depressing month for me (especially after the service-focused nature of the holidays), but I've found that as I reach outward and get involved in serving other people, my outlook changes. This year I am excited to get my son involved in serving others as well during these winter months that can be a little dreary and long.

This week's challenge: Cut out 10 hearts and give them to 10 people.

In addition to completing this week's kindness challenge, we will be working to do 20-40 acts of kindness this week. At our house we will be documenting our acts of kindness in groups of 20... so that my son can actually count them.

We started off by making a 20s chart and decorating it with heart stickers.

I added our family's picture since a lot of the acts of kindness that we will be doing will be in our own home... towards our own family.

Each day we will watch each other and when we spot one another doing acts of kindness we are going to write them down on sticky notes and attach them to our 20s chart. We will also cover each number with a heart sticker... and take a chocolate heart treat from our kindness bowl.

If you complete this week's kindness challenge, we would LOVE to hear who you and your child/students gave your hearts to... and how they reacted.

Also, how are you keeping track of acts of kindness at your house or in your classroom? We'd love to see a picture of your kindness chart or calendar. Send pictures to if you want to share!


  1. What a very sweet and lovely activity to do as a family! Came over from Living Montessori Now. Kerri

  2. Deb sent me here, too :) I love this idea. Bringing it up at tomorrow's staff meeting! And making one for our home, of course!!!!

  3. I love this idea! I will have the all the children in my life participate in this wonderful idea. I think this will rub off on the adults as well. Thank you for this opportunity. I'll will be brainstorming on how we will record this.

  4. My family is just loving the 100 Acts of Kindness Project! Because we're all adults, we adapted the Kindness Challenge #1. We're sending 10 special e-cards or e-mails with a love theme and/or hearts on them (or just the word "love" somewhere in the e-mail for the guys)! It's fun to connect with friends and relatives, and the recipients are really appreciating some extra love!
    Deb @

  5. What a great idea, I love the thought of 100 acts of kindness, what a beautiful lesson for our children. We dont have any family in our state but my eldest will be taking hearts to Kindy I think!

  6. cut out our hearts tonight for the girls to give out! 10 each - let's see what they decide to do with them!


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