Friday, January 14, 2011

Indoor & Edible Snowmen

We live in an area that doesn't normally get this much snow (or any at all) - so we've been having fun playing in and with it!

It was too cold to play outside (or maybe Mommy knew how long it would actually take to get everyone ready to go outside) . . .  

 . . . so Dad brought some snow INSIDE for us to play with!

We had fun making miniature snowmen (and women),

and even MORE fun pointing a blowdryer at them

to see how long it would take to melt them.  If we were to do this activity again, I would have placed our little thermometer next to the snowman so that we could see the temperature going up while the snow was melting.

Of course, Dad had other ideas of what we should be doing with the snow.

We also had fun making edible snowmen (I wasn't so sure about the quality of the snow that we brought in from outside, so had to find an alternative).
Ingredients Needed: Oreo's, White Melting Chocolate, Candy Corn & Mini Chocolate Chips

Drop oreo's into melted chocolate and cover completely - place on waxed paper to harden.

Decorate with chocolate chips and candy corn and devour.

Some other fun snow/snowman ideas:
Snow Ice Cream recipe from I Can Teach My Child
Felt Snowman activity from Chasing Cheerios
Snowman Language Learning activity from Communication Skills for Life


  1. Those edible snowmen look delicious! I need to try them. So jealous of all your snow!

  2. I just saw this now!
    We're featuring another totally different kind of edible snowman on our Celebrating Crafts, Creativity & Connections special this month at - inviting you and your fans to come check us out and say hello to us there!! :-)

  3. Shared this idea here


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