Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hairy Heart Monster

Our most successful projects are always ones that my son comes up with. On our drive home from an activity this morning he said he wanted to make a hairy monster... so of course the wheels in my head started turning and I tried to figure out how to make it work with our letter h theme for this week. Hairy starts with h... and so does heart... and we'd just bought some fun new heart craft materials... so we were set to start creating!

We also purchased a really fun variety bag of googly eyes... so we had to tie them into the project too.

Materials Needed:
- foam heart
- Elmers glue
- googly eyes
- ribbon or yarn
- cardstock
- pipe cleaners
- stickers (we used heart and lips stickers)

1. Glue the heart onto the piece of cardstock

2. Add lots of googly eyes. We counted them while we talked about what our monsters like to do.

I had a little problem with my glue and had fun getting nice and messy

3. Add hair to make your monster hairy :) My son used a marker to draw his hair, I used ribbon... yarn would've been fun too.

4. Add a mouth and some pipe cleaner legs. I wanted two, my little guy wanted five.

I also loved how he had one eyeball underneath the heart that he said was really important.

5. If you want, add some heart feet.

Since we're forbidden to check out library books right now (I always forget to take them back and accrue lots of fines), we may need to head to the library tomorrow and just read some monster books there... since monsters have been a little theme at our house lately.

No Time for Flashcards has a list of some great Monster books here

Anyone else have an almost 3-yr-old who has monster nightmares? Maybe this project won't help? :) But maybe it'll help my son be comfortable enough to talk to me about what is scaring him? You can't be scared of a heart shaped monster, right?


  1. Great idea for following your son's interest! I've been loving your activities and 100 Acts of Kindness Project! I think your blog is fabulous and gave you an award at

  2. Thanks Deb!! We appreciate the recognition!!

  3. These are great activities. We love google eyes around our house as well!


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