Thursday, January 20, 2011


EJ sent me this idea earlier today because my son has been SO OBSESSED with ladybugs lately. I showed it to him and he wanted to make it "RIGHT NOW!" We tweaked it a bit using things we had in our craft cupboard.

Materials Needed:
- cardstock (we used red and white)
- black marker
- pipe cleaners (black, red, and white)
- heart stickers
- Elmers glue
- scissors


1. Draw a ladybug on a piece of cardstock (I drew one for my son, older kids would probably love to draw their own).

2. Put glue circles on the eyes and then use pipe cleaners to make circles. Stick the circles onto the glue.

3. Add some heart stickers as spots on the lady bug.

4. Add some glue dots and stick on some pipe cleaner hearts as spots. I made pipe cleaner hearts for my son to stick on... since they are kind of hard to make. Kids with a little bit better fine motor skills would probably be able to make them independently.

5. Make antennae with a black pipe cleaner and stick them on the love bug's head.

6. Let everything dry.

7. Draw six legs

8. Stick hearts onto the ends of the legs as feet. :) My son thought these were pretty funny.

9. Add googly eyes if you have some. We added some later this evening when we recycled an old craft... but I didn't snap a picture (I am so terrible, but I snap a picture of projects, hang them up for a bit, and then recycle them... and take off anything that is still useful- like googly eyes- so that we can reuse them).

We love our little bug-o-love!!


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