Wednesday, January 12, 2011

b is Beary fun!

One of my son's favorite letter b words (other than ball) is bear. This activity was letter b themed and also helped us work on cutting and gluing skills.

Materials Needed:
- 1 small paper plate and 1 large paper plate
- 1 brown lunch bag
- markers
- scissors
- Elmers glue
- black construction paper (we used navy though... and that worked too)


1. Cut strips of the brown lunch bag and then have child snip the strips to make lots and lots of little pieces.

2. Add glue to the back of the large paper plate.

3. Stick the little brown pieces all over the paper plate.

4. Add an oval shaped piece of paper bag to the center of the face with a nose and mouth. Have the child stick it on with glue.

5. Cut the small paper plate to make ears.

6. Add glue and brown pieces to make some furry ears.

7. Cut dark paper to make half circle pieces for the ears, eyes (we were out of googly eyes), and nose. Glue everything on!

This is our b bear! He loves any words that start with the letter b! Once we were done with this craft project we went hunting again for objects that started with the letter b... and our b bear came and helped us!


  1. I love this activity and will save it to use with the books "The Bear Wants More" and "The Bear Snores On" Very very cute!


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