Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alphabet Bowling

Bowling is the hot sport around our house right now. My son is eagerly awaiting his upcoming birthday bowling trip... so in the meantime we do a lot of practice at our house. Today I used his favorite game to review the alphabet letters we've been working on.

First, I made a bowling setup card with a marker and some cardstock. We've learned 4 letters, so we used 4 bowling pins for our game.

On the setup card I divided the page into 4 sections and then wrote the key words we've learned... and drew a simple picture.

Next I cut up small pieces of colored cardstock and wrote the alphabet letters that we know on them. I used packing tape to stick the cards to the bowling pins. I wrapped the tape all the way around the pins to make sure the cards didn't fall off.

After that, we reviewed the words and pictures and talked about what letter each word started with.

Then my little guy looked at the letters on each bowling pin and matched the letter to the correct key word and picture.

Once all the pins were set up we were ready to bowl!!

After each turn we'd talk briefly about what letters got knocked down and what letters were still standing. I also would ask, "what letter makes the ____ sound?" or "what sound does the letter ____ make?"

Then he would set up the letter pins again. He would even say the letter name and key word each time he set up the pins- totally unprompted. For example, "b is for ball... h is for house."

My little guy LOVED this activity and had so much fun teaching it to his dad when he got home!

Anyone else have other bowling themed learning activities that you like? We are always looking for more!! :)


  1. I love this idea, so much that I featured it on my first High Five! feature this week.

    Thanks for the idea and Congrats!
    hands on : as we grow

  2. What a great way to have fun while reviewing letters! Loved it!


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