Monday, December 6, 2010

Helping With Dinner: Name Cards

One of my favorite things to help my mom with when I was a little girl was set the table for dinner.  Whether we were entertaining or it was just our family we often had name cards at each of the place settings.  When Grandma was visiting us over Thanksgiving, she taught my daughter how to make and decorate name cards.  I decided to give my daughter the assignment to make name cards for dinner tonight while I finished up the dishes.  She loved this task and this entertained her for quite some time. 

I first wrote out all of the names that she needed to copy for dinner along with a simple drawing by each name so she would know which name belonged to which person.  After she finished each name she would call me in to check off her work. 

Because she was the one who made the name cards she got to choose where everyone was to sit. 

 If your child does not yet have the desire or ability to copy letters you can have them trace the names, or simply decorate the name cards. 

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