Thursday, December 9, 2010

Foam Santa Ornament

This is my own little spin off this Spoon Santa Ornament from Family Fun... just using materials we had around the house.

Materials Needed: foam sheet (we used light pink), scissors, googly eyes, Elmers glue, white tissue paper, red construction paper, and a pipe cleaner (we used white).


1. Cut the pink foam into a rectangle.

2. Trim the ends so that one goes into a semi point and the other curves to make Santa's face.

3. Trace the Santa hat end of the foam onto the red construction paper and cut it out.

4. Glue the construction paper onto the foam to make the Santa hat.

5. Add glue to the bottom of Santa's face for his beard... and to his face for the googly eyes.

6. Add googly eyes.

7. Rip up tissue paper, scrunch it up, and glue it to the bottom of Santa's face for a beard... and also to the bottom of the hat.

8. Make a hole at the top of the hat with the point of your scissors and then stick a small piece of pipe cleaner through the hole.

9. Tie it into a loop so that you can hang it on your tree.

10. Let it dry and then hang it up!

My son's favorite part of this project was adding the googly eyes. Scrunching and ripping the tissue paper was a great fine motor activity for him. It was hard for him... but we worked at it. I was in charge of making the hole and adding the pipe cleaner.

Our next few posts will include other homemade ornament ideas since we will be spending the next few days decorating my son's mini Christmas tree. Please send along any other homemade ornament ideas that you love!

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