Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple Holiday Wreath Collage

I am counting down the minutes until I go into labor (my due date is tomorrow), so we have been busy getting Christmas up at our house and lots of last minute things prepped... but I wanted to take a moment to share this simple little wreath activity with you that we did last year and loved. My son wasn't even two yet and it was a perfect project for him.

Materials Needed: holiday themed scrapbook paper, scissors, paper plate (we used a green one), holiday ribbon), and glue.


1. Cut the scrapbook paper into different shapes. To keep it simple, I just used a paper cutter and made a bunch of squares/rectangles. You could do any shape that you would like- leaf shaped, circular, whatever...

2. Cut out the center of the paper plate to make a hole for your wreath.

3. Cover the circular paper plate with glue and start sticking the scrapbook paper pieces onto your wreath!

4. Let the glued paper dry.

5. Add a decorative bow (you could also add other objects like berries and actual leaves to give it some more texture).

6. Hang up your wreath where you can admire it all holiday season!!

Complete this activity by reading a favorite holiday story!!
What Santa Can't Do by Douglas Wood is a fun book that we recently re-discovered in our holiday library.
Over the next few weeks I will hopefully still be posting from time to time but I am not on the ball enough to have planned ahead of time to have fun posts for you to read while I enjoy time with my new little baby girl. EJ will hopefully have some fun Holiday activities to share with you while I take a blogging hiatus.

If for some reason my little girl decides to hold off on coming though... then I might have a few more activities for you later this week!

Happy December!!


  1. I love you, I needed something simple for my Sunday School children (0-3 yrs) and this is it :-)


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