Monday, November 8, 2010

Hand Turkey Card

This is my favorite tried and true Thanksgiving card. Kids always seem to love it because it involves tracing their hands and feet and I think it looks adorable.

We are talking a lot about things we are thankful for at our house... so today was our "I'm thankful for my Grandparents" day. These turkey cards will be mailed out soon to my little guy's grandparents with notes inside about why he is thankful for them.

Materials Needed: colored paper/cardstock (brown, orange, red, yellow, green, purple?), scissors, glue stick, googly eyes, elmers glue, pen and a pencil.


1. Trace your little one's feet onto brown paper. We were making two cards, so we needed two feet.

2. Trace your little one's hands onto several different colors of paper. You can use as many hands for feathers as you would like. We kept ours pretty simple and just used 4 hands per turkey.

My little guy loved admiring his handprints after each time that we traced them.

3. Cut all the hands and feet out with scissors. I brought the papers into our playroom and cut while I watched my little guy play. Older kids can cut things out for themselves... The cutting is pretty much the most tedious part of this project.

4. Glue the hands to a piece of folded cardstock (card).

5. Glue the foot onto the front of the hands... it becomes the turkey's head and the hands become the feathers.

6. Add glue to the turkey's head and have your little one put googly eyes on.

7. Glue on a beak and a gobbler and let the turkey dry.

8. Add a personal note inside once the card is done... and have your child decorate the front of the card around the turkey if they would like.

Language Building Activities

Our conversations during this activity revolved around things we were thankful for along with the basic parts of the turkey (gobbler, beak, feathers, head, etc.). My son was most excited about learning the new word gobbler.

Along with this card project, we made turkey cookies to give to our neighbors tomorrow ("I'm thankful for my neighbors" day).


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