Monday, November 29, 2010

Bell toss game

This is just another quick holiday activity that we've loved that is perfect for kids of all ages. It works on hand/eye coordination and can also help with practicing counting skills... but mostly it is just a lot of fun!

Materials Needed: box or bucket and jingle bells (make sure to keep an eye on younger kids so that they don't try and eat the bells!)


1. Mark off a space to designate where the child needs to stand (or stay behind). We tried to keep my little guy on the green rug (you can see that that worked really well until he started cheating).

2. Put a bucket or box in a fixed spot a distance away from your child. The older the child, the further away you can move the box/bucket.

3. Have the child toss the bells into the bucket one at a time and count how many they are able to make into the bucket.

If you want, you could keep tally marks on a white board of how many bells make it into the bucket each round and practice your child's counting skills.

Once the bucket is full or you are done with a round, sing Jingle Bells and shake the bucket full of bells while you sing... and then start the game over again!

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