Monday, October 11, 2010

Egg Carton Spiders

We used some of the egg cartons we've been saving to make some easy Egg Carton Spiders today to decorate our house a bit for Halloween.

Materials Needed: empty egg carton, scissors, black paint, paint brush, paper plate to use as a palate, googly eyes, Elmers glue, and black pipe cleaners. We also got some spider webs to use as part of our decorations.


1. Cut the egg carton up into little cups. We only cut off two cups to make two spiders.

2. Paint the inside and outside of the cups with black paint.

3. Let the cups dry!

4. Cut the pipe cleaners up into 8 small pieces. Talk about how spiders have 8 legs and count the legs as you cut them. Have your child tell you to stop once you have 8 pipe cleaner pieces.

5. Stick the pipe cleaner pieces into the sides of the painted egg cups. Each spider needs 8. I used scissors to help make little holes so that it would be easier to push the pipe cleaners through the sides.

6. Add googly eyes to the spider using Elmers glue.

Let them dry and then display your cute spiders!


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