Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY Toddler Approved Halloween Carnival Games

Pumpkin Candy Toss

Materials Needed:
- black sharpie
- foam board
- orange and green paint (I used Do-A-Dot markers)
- something sharp to cut the foam
- 2 chairs or a wall to lean this against
- candy to throw (or cute bean bags)

1. Draw your pumpkin with a black sharpie.

2. Paint it! I loved the look that the Do-A-Dot markers gave the pumpkin. If I hadn't been making these late at night... I totally would've had my son paint them... so make sure to use your little ones!

3. Use a sharp knife or scissors to score the foam and pop the inside pieces out.

4. Lean the pumpkin board up between two chairs or against a wall, give the kids 3-4 pieces of candy, and let them throw the candy in the pumpkin's eyes, nose, and mouth. This will be hit because they get to keep all 3-4 pieces of candy even if they don't make it into the holes!!

Gone Fishing

Materials Needed:
- old shower curtain or sheet
- variety of colors of felt
- scissors
- sharpie
- hot glue gun
- fabric markers
- iron
- clothesline
- clothespins
- 2-3 wooden dowels
- tape
- fishing line or string
- prizes and candy!

1. Trace the fish pattern onto the felt using a sharpie and then cut out as many as you'd like.

2. Hot glue gun the fish to the shower curtain. I also ironed the shower curtain and felt because I didn't want it wrinkly.

3. Hang the sheet between two trees using a clothesline. You can secure the sheet using clothespins.

4. Make fishing rods by attaching fishing line to the end of a wooden dowel with tape and a few knots. Add a clothespin to the end of the fishing line and tie a knot around it to secure it in place.

Play the game by handing the child the fishing pole. An adult can help them toss it over the curtain. Have another adult (the "fish") on the other side of the curtain grabbing the clothespin and attaching a prize to it. When "the fish" tugs on the line, the child can pull their fishing line back over the net and claim their prize.

This is a fun classic carnival game that kids love because they easily get a treat or a prize!

Witch Golf

Materials Needed:
- cardboard box
- foam board
- green, black, and yellow markers
- black garbage bags
- scissors
- something sharp to cut with
- brown paper bags
- red construction paper (or a red marker)
- golf balls
- golf club
- tape

1. Draw a witch face on a foam board

2. Build a witch hat using large brown paper bags or extra foam board and then cover them with black garbage bags.

3. Cut strips of black garbage bags to use for hair. Tape the witch hat and hair to the foam board.

4. Find a handsome helper to cut out the foam mouth, leaving the bottom open so that the ball can go through it.

5. Attach the foam board to the front of a cardboard box with tape.

6. Cut a hole in the front of the cardboard box where the witch's mouth is.

7. Make a short ramp out of cardboard and tape it to the witch's mouth. Add a colored paper tongue or just color on the cardboard with red marker.

To play the game, have the child stand a little bit away from the ramp with a golf club and golf ball (or any other fun Halloween ball). Let them hit the ball into the witch's mouth. Give them candy whether they make it in or not! In Witch Golf, everyone always wins something!

There are so many different ways to do these carnival games. This was just our little twist on them. My favorite part about them was that my son loved them!! We will be playing Witch Golf and doing the Pumpkin Candy Toss all afternoon today! The fishing game is a lot of fun too... but I have retired it for today. My pregnant back can't handle bending over anymore to grab prizes to stick onto the clothespins!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the witch golf. I wish I would have had time to make some of this fun carnival games this year.

  2. I love the witch golf. We are a cubscout pack and I was looking for a Halloween game and this is it!
    Thank you!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh these look like fun games for little ones. I'd love to try them out, for sure. Maybe next year I can start early with my daughter for my grandson. Fun Fun Fun

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