Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unified Leaf Friends

The theme this month at the little virtues class we go to is "unity." Earlier in the month we made Fall Unity wreaths. Today we continued with the same theme and talked about being good friends and working together. The video the teacher showed talked about how we can all be unified together... just like the Fall leaves on a tree all come together, united, to help the tree look beautiful. Each leaf adds to the beauty... just like each of us working together add to the beauty of the world.

As a simple craft (after reading a story about friendship), each kid got to make two leaf friends.

Materials Needed: colorful fall leaves, Elmers glue, foam leaf stickers, crayons, and colored cardstock.

1. Glue two leaves onto the cardstock so that they are next to one another.

2. Add foam leaf stickers to make legs/feet and arms/hands. Then use crayons to add other details, like faces, clothes, legs, etc.

We stuck the monthly unity quote to the picture as well.

I loved seeing the variation in each set of leaf "friends."

We ended class with a little unity cheer.

I would've loved to have suggested some other books about friendship, sharing, and unity to the teacher... but my pregnancy brain has seriously made me forget all my favorite kids books on those topics.

If you have any suggestions, please pass them along! I would love to reinforce the topic at home with my son... since we are having loads of issues with sharing, being kind, and being unified with friends lately. :)

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