Friday, September 3, 2010

Leafy Hair Man

This was another silly little leaf themed craft that we did today. I'm sure you could expand upon it in a lot of ways. We found this idea at Preschool Express.

Materials Needed:
paper plate, colored paper, scissors, leaves (from outside), glue, and markers.

1. Go on a leaf hunt outside. We surprisingly found several fall colored leaves... and then a lot of little green ones. I think a few got picked off our bushes as well. My son still doesn't get the concept of only picking them up off the ground :)

2. Draw some facial features on construction paper ahead of time and cut them out. Older kids could obviously draw their own and add several other details- ears, eyebrows, etc.

3. Before my son got started being creative, I also drew a simple face on the paper plate we were going to be using. It served as a helper for him when he was gluing.

4. We put some glue on the paper plate and then my little guy stuck all the facial features on it.

5. Next we added lots of glue around the edge of the plate and started sticking leaves all over the leaf man's head to create leaf hair!

Voila! Leaf man finished!

Language Building Activities:
Some other things to do with this could include...

- Name your leaf man (or woman) and talk about all the details that have been added: colors, textures, facial features, etc.

- Create a few more leaf people and use the paper plates as masks. Grab some of your child's friends and have them do some dancing and singing to leafy songs (below) with their masks.

Tune: "London Bridges Falling Down"

Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.
Pretty leaves are falling down, all over town.

Some are orange and some are brown, some are brown, some are brown.
Some are orange and some are brown, watch the leaves fall down.

Some are yellow and some are red, some are red, some are red.
Some are yellow and some are red, leaves fall on my head.
~Jean Warren

Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Stand up tall and spread your limbs.
You're a fall tree in the wind.
Move your branches all around,
Pretty leaves falling down.
Some are brown and some are red.
Time for you to go to bed.
~Jean Warren

- Write a story together about the leaf people and then re-enact it.

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