Friday, September 3, 2010

Leaf Family

We're starting to do some Fall projects even though it still feels like the heat of the summer over here. Today we did a few art projects with a leaf theme. This one was just a silly short project, but ended up being fun.

Materials: leaf die-cuts or leaves cut out of construction paper (enough for your family), colored construction paper, glue, markers and crayons, and scissors.

1. First we colored our blank background paper a bit. My little guy had a short attention span, so he just did a few scribbles, but with older kids you could have them create their house, favorite park, or favorite place they like to go with their families.

2. While he colored, I drew eyes. Then he colored them in a bit and then I cut them out.

3. Next we glued the leaves onto the background paper- one for each member of our family.

4. I added legs and arms using markers (although looking back now... I forgot to give my husband and I arms... whoops!). My son wanted me to draw today, he just wanted to watch. With older kids they'll love adding their own details. I also drew dots where the eyes needed to go because my little guy gets frustrated when he can't get them where we wants them. A lot of kids don't really care, so in their case, leave out the dots and let put eyes wherever they'd like.

5. Next I put glue spots on the eye spots and my son stuck all the eyes onto the leaf people. He wasn't feeling like using the glue much today... usually he can do that part himself.

6. Then we added more details. He gave everyone hair, a nose, and a mouth. I colored the shoes and legs while he did that because he likes to have me involved in his crafts.

7. Lastly, we talked about everyone in our family and labeled the picture. Now that I'm looking at this picture again, I definitely think mommy and daddy need some arms :)

At the beginning of the school year I always liked to have my students draw pictures of their families because it brought up some great conversations and I usually learned a lot about them and their relationships with each family member. This is a fun little silly adaptation that could fit into a Fall unit. If you try this out (or do something similar in your own classrooms/homes), I would love to see what you do, so send me blog links or pictures.

Have fun!

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