Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chocolate chip acorns

I loved this acorn craft idea from No Time for Flashcards... so we adapted it a little to utilize materials we had around the house.

Materials Needed: chocolate chips, oats, Elmers glue, brown paper bags or cardboard, black marker, acorn template (I used a foam acorn as a tracer), and scissors.

I probably have 40 lbs of chocolate chips in my pantry... so I thought they would be fun to use with this craft. The kids loved them!


1. Cut up some brown paper bags into small rectangles.

2. Draw around the acorn template/tracer to make your acorns.

3. Add some glue to the top of the acorn and have your little ones add chocolate chips. Putting glue dots instead of a big bunch of glue might help encourage the kids to only add as many chocolate chips as there are glue dots for... Encourage the kids not to add too many because it will make the acorn too heavy.

Our rule was that you couldn't eat any chocolate chips with glue on them... but you could definitely snack on chocolate chips while you worked!

4. Next we added glue to the bottom for the oats. Kids sprinkled or placed them onto the glue.

5. Then we let the paper dry.

My son's favorite part was eating the chocolate, of course !!

There was a lot of variety in the finished product.

6. Shake off the excess oats/chocolate chips that don't stay stuck to the glue and then cut out the acorns.

Can you guess which one belongs to my son? I'll give you a hint... he loves chocolate as much as I do :)

This project was a lot of fun and perfect for the age group that we had at our little crafts class today! The kids were able to do the project independently and were happy with their finished products.

I love this "I'm a nut" song! I think it is a fun one to teach along with this activity.

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  1. Such a cute idea. I think we might have to do this at our place!


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