Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Minute Pinata

I think that an episode of Dora may have inspired a recent obsession of my daughter with "pinatas".  I thought it would be fun to make one together - but was not so sure how fun it would be to clean up a paper mache mess made by a 3 year old.

Here is my Toddler Approved version of how to make a quick and simple pinata

Materials Needed
Small empty box (I used a Pop-Tart box)
String (long enough when doubled to tie up in a tree)
Tape (I used clear packing tape)
Tissue Paper (or you could use pieces of magazine/newspaper)
Treats to go inside

Fold and tape down the edges of one end of the box.

Poke two holes in the opposide end and run your string through the holes.  I added a little tape around the holes to be sure the weight of the box would not be too much for the string.

Turn over and place treats inside.  Cover open end with tissue paper and secure with tape.

Rip off a large piece of tape (enough to make a roll (sticky side up) as long as the box).  Place tape on one side of box.

Rip off pieces of tissue paper and press onto the tape. 

Continue on all sides of the box until it is covered to your liking.

Hang outside and swing away!

My daughter wanted nothing to do with the blindfold, and really enjoyed just hitting the pinata over and over (even when everything was out and on the ground).  I was impressed with the durability of this little pinata.

Song/Video: Rompe La Pinata

I can't tell you how many times we've listened/watched/danced to this "Break The Pinata" video.

Some fun books to read along with this activity:
Pinata by Rebecca Emberly

Hooray, A Pinata! by Elisa Kleven


  1. This may be a quiet messy craft to do but a sure fun that every kids would love to do as well! Thanks!


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