Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Textured Letter O Owl

We love the Letter of the Week crafts at No Time for Flashcards. Today we decided to try out the letter O project because it was Owl-themed! We added some texture to it because my son was really wanting to use his scissors and do some cutting.

Letter O for Owl!

Materials Needed: Two different brown colored construction papers, yellow and green construction paper, Do-A-Dot paints (we used yellow and orange), scissors, glue, and a black marker.

1. Draw a letter O on a piece of brown construction paper.

2. Paint the O with Do-A-Dot paints.

3. Cut out the O and glue it onto a background paper (we used green... for the tree our owl was in).

4. Have your little one snip some pieces of brown paper into small pieces. This is great for kids who need practice snipping and are just learning how to cut. For kids who aren't using scissors yet, you can have them rip the paper into tiny pieces... which is also a great fine motor skills activity and good for strengthening finger muscles!

5. Cut out wings and a head triangle from brown paper. Have your child glue them onto the letter O.

6. Add some glue dots and glue your paper strips to the wings as feathers.

7. Cut out yellow eyes and glue them to the owls head.

8. Draw some eyeballs with your black markers (or use googly eyes... unfortunately we were all out!).

9. Add some little feet and write the word OWL at the bottom of your letter craft. We also got out our magnetic letters and practiced finding the letters in the word owl and then we practiced spelling the word owl!

Owl Motor Movements

We also did some owl motor movements after we were done with this activity which were a lot of fun and fostered some imaginative play and conversation.

Owls fly silently through the night and call to one another from tree branches or other locations... once they have stopped flying.

1. We turned off the lights and flapped our wings and SILENTLY flew around our house.

2. We each found a "tree" to perch in (on top of chairs, beds, couches, counters, stools, etc... depending on the boundaries at your house).

3. Then we called to one another once we were in our trees- hoot! hoot! hoot!

... then we would take off and fly around again!

After we were done, we talked again about how owls fly silently and about where they live and why they call to each other.

The owls at our house really like to jump on the bed too! This was definitely a fun activity to get our wiggles out!

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