Friday, August 13, 2010

Raised Glue Printmaking

This activity is definitely more about the process than the finished product, but it is a simple way to expose kids to printmaking.

Materials Needed: pieces of cardboard, markers, glue gun and glue sticks, paint, paint brush (preferably a small roller paint brush), construction paper, and a paper plate.

1. Using small pieces of cardboard, draw some simple designs or pictures with markers. You can also draw letters or numbers.

2. Go over the lines of the designs with a hot glue gun. Keep little hands busy doing something else away from your gluing area!

3. Remember to write any letters or numbers backwards if you want them to print correctly.

4. Get a large piece of paper and put some paint on a paper plate.

5. Use the paint brush or roller to go over the raised side of your design.

6. Press the cardboard down on the paper with the raised design face down.

Keep painting and printing til you get bored! You can make all sorts of patterns and designs. This would be a really fun way to make homemade wrapping paper.

Most of the designs don't come out looking perfectly like you'd think... but they allow for a lot of conversation focused around what each shape does look like.

This is a messy activity, so be prepared with wipes or wet towels!

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