Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Eat Pete

Gameboard downloaded here from Sparkle Power

Have you ever played Don't Eat Pete

On a gameboard (ideas and links for gameboard follow) place M&M's (or raisins, Cheerios, chocolate chips, etc.) on each of the squares.  One player leaves the room while the others decide which square will be "Pete".

The player is called back into the room and they pick the M&Ms off the board one at a time . . . 

. . . trying to avoid "eating Pete".

Right before they eat the M&M designated as "Pete", everyone shouts, "DON'T EAT PETE!"  Their turn is now over.  Refill the gameboard and choose another player to be "it".

You can either make your own gameboard or print out one of the many versions available by simply doing a image search - for our game, I used this one from the blog Sparkle Power (you have to check out the adult spinoff on this game for Jane Austen fans - Don't Eat Darcy). 

I also made a variation of this game using pictures of relatives and titled it "Don't Eat My Family".
Instead of shouting, "Don't Eat Pete" - insert the name of the family member they are about to eat!  This has been a great way for my daughter to put names to faces of relatives who live far away.


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