Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Maze

My daughter loved this "maze" activity from the Kumon Coloring workbook.  Basic rules are to "draw a line from the dot to the star without touching any of the objects" (Kumon). 

We first would trace a path using just our finger.

Then draw the line with a crayon.  After completing all of the pages with this activity, my daughter wanted to continue, so we made our own version.

To make your own: First, have your child randomly place stickers on a sheet of paper.  Next, draw a "dot and star" on opposite ends of the paper.  Instruct your child to first trace a path using their finger, followed by actually drawing a line using a crayon/pencil. 

As simple as this activity may sound - I love how it helps develop the fine motor control needed to write as well as the visual perception and problem solving skills used in determining how to get from one point to another (**Be sure to start with a small amount of stickers and gradually add more as they are successful in completing the task).

The "Monster Maze" is my favorite out of all of the versions we made (notice that she's taking more risks in her lines).

As we were deeply engrossed in this project, my son had fun spreading all of crayons we weren't using over the living room floor.  Without any prompting from me, my daughter started playing her own version of the "maze game" by trying to make it across the room without touching any of the crayons.
What a prefect transition to changing the activity from using fine motor skills to gross motor skills.
I decided to make the game a little safer by replacing the crayons with books, and cut out a dot and star out of paper to replicate a life sized version of our maze activity.

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