Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Mom: Water Day- Water Animals Memory Game

This post is part of my Camp Mom Series. Instead of sharing all the activities we did in one big long post, there will be several posts about our day and a wrap up at the end. Hope you enjoy all the water themed activities we did today!

Today we talked about some of the animals that live in water. Since we spent a lot of time on Ocean animals last week, today we talked about animals that live in lakes, rivers, and ponds. I picked the animals that I thought would be the most interesting to my little son.

Materials Needed: Water Animals Memory Cards (comment if you want a copy), white cardstock, scissors, laminating paper (I would definitely recommend laminating these!), and blue blankets to make your river, lake, or pond.


1. Cut out the Water Animals Memory cards and laminate them.

2. Lay out your blue blankets to make your river. My son wanted to lie down and go to sleep in the river.

3. Spread out the cards in the "river", face down. Before I spread out the cards, we reviewed the name of each animal picture together.

4. Turn over two cards at a time to try and find matches. We talked a lot about "same" and "different" and "matching" during this game. It was hard for my little guy and I did a lot of modeling.

Once we were all done, we played again using an easier version!

Easier Version: Put out only 2-3 matches face down (instead of 6). I made sure to include my son's favorite animal (the snail) so that he was motivated to search.

Visual Matching Game (Easiest Version): The last version is the easiest and was my son's favorite. I just laid out all the cards face up and he matched them into pairs.

We talked about the differences in the animals, where they lived, how they moved, etc.

When we were done, I showed my son some video footage of some of the animals he had never seen before... like a muskrat. He was mostly just interested in the snail video I found. It is called "Snail dream" and is actually pretty clever. It definitely can help reinforce the concept of fast and slow.

Enjoy!! There are more Camp Mom Posts coming!!

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