Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Mom: Water Day- Sink, Float, and Water Table Fun!

This post is part of my Camp Mom Series. Instead of sharing all the activities we did in one big long post, there will be several posts about our day and a wrap up at the end. Hope you enjoy all the water themed activities we did today!

Nothing is more fun than playing with water and cool new tools.

Materials Needed: Anything fun and interesting that you can find around the house to use to dump, pour, scoop, etc., some big bowls or tubs, water toys, random objects around the house that are heavy or light (to use with sink or float), a big sheet of paper, a marker, and WATER!

1. Bring all your materials outside or somewhere in your house where it is OK for things to get wet. This is more fun OUTSIDE or somewhere different than in the bathroom or bathtub.

2. Fill up a big bucket or bowl with water.

3. Start exploring! I found some straws that we loved blowing bubbles with.

Sink or Float Activity: This is a simple science activity that kids love.

1. Make a sink or float poster and include all the objects that you plan to experiment with.

2. Put all your objects in a spot that is easy to reach.

3. Start experimenting! I would have my son pick an object, make a guess (hypothesis) about whether it would sink or float, and then we'd try it out.

4. Record your results on your paper. Don't worry about if it looks perfect or even that neat.

5. When you are done, look at your poster and your objects and group them into piles based on whether they sink or float. With older kids you can talk about the characteristics that would make some objects sink and some objects float. We mentioned the words heavy and light a few times as we did our observing.

Once you're done with your Sink & Float Activity, get back to water playing! We loved using the colander and different shaped ladels.

We also used the hose while we were outside to do some cleaning of our outdoor play toys!

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  1. Fabulous idea! My daughter loves to play with water so we are definitely going to be doing this!


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