Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Mom: Water Day- Colorful Painted Snail

This post is part of my Camp Mom Series. Instead of sharing all the activities we did in one big long post, there will be several posts about our day and a wrap up at the end. Hope you enjoy all the water themed activities we did today!

You might be wondering why we are doing snail art on Water Day... well, snails are my little guy's current obsession... and they live in water and you find them everywhere when it rains! So, I thought they'd fit right in.

Materials Needed: paint, paint brush, cup of water, paper plate, black marker, colored paper, googly eyes, glue, tape, scissors, salt, and crayons.

1. Draw a snail shell on your paper plate.

2. Have your child start painting the shell.

3. Use a paint brush to coat paper plate shell with some water.

4. Sprinkle on some salt. It adds a fun texture!

5. Do some more painting and then let your snail shell dry.

6. While your child is painting, draw a snail body with a black marker on another piece of paper. Then, have your child color the snail with crayons. You could also have your child do a crayon resist painting by painting over the crayon covered body. We decided to just color today.

7. Add some glue where the eyes should go and have your child stick the googly eyes on.

8. Let the glue dry.

Put the wet pieces together and let them dry for awhile. My little guy was excited to see his finished snail.

9. Once dry, cut out the snail's body and glue or tape it onto a background paper.

10. Add the snail shell and you are done! We stuck it on with tape.

This was such a colorful activity! Now if only we had a fun picture book lying around so that we could read about a snail! I guess we need to head to the library later!

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